Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Civil Services Exam Preparation Tips, IAS Preparation Tips

How to success in civil Services Examination:
Now a day’s civil services trend has been changing, especially for the past two –three years. The stress is more on the analytical and comprehension capacities of individuals. The preparation has to be focused on getting a clear understanding of concepts, which, in fact has no short cut.
There are certain general principles that the process of preparation should be taken as an instrument in which every second count. The syllabus is very vast, there is always some scope to study more and do better.

 IAS Preparation Tips

Key to success:
·         Hard work
·         Balanced approached
·         Consistency

The most prestigious exam it is the toughest and most challenging competition in the country. Success probability is very less lakhs of people complete in this examination and only few hundred are listed in the final selection list.
If you success in this exam stay focused, recharge your batteries and come back with all your might. There are mentions some important points stay focused and crack the civil services examination.

·         Be positive: Always prepare your mind be positive. Your positive attitude increases your working efficiency and leads to a right direction. All toppers are like you. Only one year if you work hard with full concentration you can really do it.
·         Be systematic: When you start your study make a schedule according to your exam. Don’t forget to revise back year paper. Update your current knowledge.
·         Manage your time: Time management is the important key of success. Attempted all questions with in time period.
·         Study in a group: Group discussion increases your knowledge In group other person catch out your mistake and you easily sort out your problem. Remove your weakness.

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